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James Bond RPG

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Field of Experience -The original rules for Field of Experience didn't have any dice rolling. So, what i did was incorporate a few different ways to use them. Below, you will find an alternative way to determine what Fields of Experience the character has, along with Ease Factor bonuses that accompany them. I also made the prospect of having a weakness random as opposed to the original rules which just allowed the player to choose whether or not they wanted a weakness.

There was very little game play rules for dealing with the Field of Experience's Tennis, Chess and Golf in the original rules. So, I created game rules that can be used for them:

Misc - Below are two flowcharts for Hand to Hand Combat and Fire Combat. I made acouple of modifications in the flowchart that wasn't found in the original rules. The Combat rules in the original game was great but deadly, so to mix it up I incorporated a counter roll to make it alittle more involving for the players.